Brentwood Limo Service

Brentwood Limo Service

The Brentwood area in California is known for being pretty glamorous. The houses are gorgeous, the people are gorgeous, and transportation is an important part of the look. Obviously for your day to day commute, or going out on a regular date or out with a few casual friends, you’re going to want a car. But what about those times when you really want to step it up a little? Or those special occasions when you need a sober driver, and need to transport a big group all together? These are the times when it’s important to have a really great limo service ready to go. Here are some tips on successfully renting a limo in Brentwood:

* Make sure the cars they show on their website are the cars you’re going to get. You don’t want to have your hopes up for the newest limo only to be picked up in an outdated town car. When you make your reservation, be sure to confirm the exact make, model, and year of the vehicle you’ll be in. It could make the difference between impressing your friends or date, or not having enough room for everyone.

* Plan ahead of time how long you need the limo. There can be a big price difference between getting a one way drive across town, and having a whole party chauffered around from place to place all night long, with rides home for everyone. Both are great options, just be prepared and know what to expect. It’s also a good idea to have everyone in the limo on the same page concerning rides home.

*Be prepared to pay up front, and don’t forget to tip. It’s important that you’ve dealt with the money ahead of time, and have one person act as the treasurer of your group to minimize confusion, and maximize the fun. It’s also customary to tip around twenty or thirty percent, usually at the end of the ride. Keep in mind how rowdy your group will be. For example, a bachelor or bachelorette party bar hopping all night should tip a lot more than a ten year old getting a ride to school on their birthday.

* Be respectful of the driver. Remember that the person driving has the responsibility of getting you and your friends around safely. It’s exciting to get a limo, but try not to be distracting. Your driver has to pay attention to traffic, and also try to be friendly and accommodating to you, the guests. While it’s fine to chat a bit, try not to go overboard, and let them do their job.

Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy your big event, and choose a limo service that can help you relax and live it up in style. 777 Limousine is a really good example of a limo service doing it right. Their fleet of vehicles is upscale, clean, and new, and their service is great. They take such good care of their clients, and that shows by how much repeat business they get. A lot of people in Brentwood won’t rent from anywhere else once they’ve rented with 777 Limousine.